Pros And Cons Of Professional Automotive Glass Repair Vs. DIY Kit

Automotive glass repair kits have become increasingly popular as DIY methods for repairing chips in windshields because of the low cost involved. But is using a DIY kit really worth it or is it better to see a professional? Here are the pros and cons of using a professional over a kit.



If you've ever tried a repair on anything with very little experience or information other than a video for reference, you know how frustrating it can be to try and get something right on the first try. It usually takes some trial and error. When you use professionals, you know that they have already developed the experience by doing repairs similar to yours over and over.


Another major advantage of using an auto glass repair expert is access to his or her knowledge of glass chips. Some types of windshield chips look easily repairable but are destined to turn into cracks eventually, no matter how skilled the repair attempt. You can save yourself time and money if you know the difference before you try to buy a kit and do the repair yourself and then have to replace the windshield anyway.

Better Quality Materials

Auto glass repair kits can be purchased cheaply online or in auto parts stores. But if you're skipping the professional auto glass repair expert because your goal is to save money, you're going to end up with inferior products. This is particularly true when it comes to the quality of the repair resins. Because auto glass repair shops will be purchasing high-quality resins in bulk, they are going to have better products than cheap repair kits with lower-quality resins that are used to keep costs low.



The biggest drawback of having your automotive glass professionally repaired is going to be the cost. You can buy a DIY repair kit typically for less than $20 but a professional repair can cost between $50 and $150. However, considering the experience, skill, and better quality products, for some it's worth the extra cost, especially when windshields with ADAS or advanced driver assistance systems are involved. ADAS windshields often have sensitive sensors or cameras that need to be taken into account during the repair work. Otherwise, your repair may end up requiring not only windshield replacement but the recalibration of the ADAS system too.


When you use a professional, your windshield repair will take place when your preferred shop is able to fit you in. If you choose a DIY repair kit, you can fix it on your own schedule.

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