Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Auto Repair Service

If your car needs immediate auto repair service, then you need to get your car to the mechanic right away. Don't drive your car as soon as you notice it's in need of repairs, since the more you drive your broken car, the worse the damage can be. If any of the following things apply to your vehicle, get an emergency auto repair service.

Your service lights are on

If any of your service lights are on — these are the lights on your dashboard that tell you your vehicle is in need of maintenance or repair — go see your auto repair service technician right away. Your issue could be as minor as putting air in your tires or as complex as having your engine repaired, and you won't know until you see a technician to get a diagnosis. Your car will have a diagnostic check done on it to determine what the issues are before your mechanic services specialist gives you a quote for repairs.

Your car is leaking any fluids

Water under the front passenger tire is common when you use your air conditioner, but if there is coolant or other fluids leaking under your car, you have an issue. Your auto repair service technicians will place special tools under your car to determine what is leaking and where from so they can properly repair the issue and replace your fluids. Do not drive your car at all if you suspect engine oil or brake fluid to be leaking from under your car.

Your car is smoking

A smoking car is a serious danger both on and off the road and should not be driven at all. Your car may have engine issues or a broken or missing belt. It may have components that are overheating and about to blow up or have other mechanical failures that need immediate attention.

If your vehicle has steam or boiling fluids coming out of it, treat the situation as seriously as you would if the car were smoking. Your full-service auto repair specialist will get to your vehicle immediately so you can get your car back safe and sound. If your vehicle needs parts ordered, then your technician will let you know.

Your car will need mechanical help now and then and should have regular maintenance. If your vehicle is operating as it should, you can enjoy it for years to come. This makes investing in auto repair services a wise investment. For more information on auto repair services, contact a professional near you.

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