Engine Damage: 3 Major Signs Its Time For Repair

Modern cars and trucks are among the most complex machines ever built, but any part can malfunction. Because people rely so much on vehicles for recreation or work, any breakdown can be disastrous. In most cases, your car may break down if you neglect routine maintenance or ignore some of the common warning signs that your car has an issue. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you seek the assistance of an experienced auto repair expert immediately if you notice the following warning signs that your car engine is damaged.

1. Check Engine Warning Light

You won't miss that pesky check engine warning light on your dash, but most people tend to ignore it, especially if the warning doesn't point to the exact issue. Your car's computer is directly connected to sensors that are always monitoring your engine. If a check engine warning light comes on, the issue may range from minor to serious, and if you don't take the warning seriously, you may have to deal with greater problems down the road. To reduce the chances of an expensive repair or engine overhaul, visit an auto repair shop immediately after you see the check engine warning light.

2. Knocking Or Thumping Noise 

When you hear a persistent thumping or knocking sound from under the hood that rises and falls as the vehicle RPMs change, chances are the rod bearings are loose or worn out. If you continue driving your car in this state, the bearings may fail. It's important that you visit a car repair specialist as soon as possible to avoid complete engine failure. 

3. Excessive Colored Smoke

Some smoke from the exhaust is normal, but if you see an increase in colored exhaust smoke, it means that you may need to repair your engine soon. You can almost always tell the exact problem by the color of the exhaust. White smoke indicates that you may have a cooling system issue, and your car may overheat. Blue exhaust smoke is a sure warning sign your car has an oil leak that is causing oil to burn up. Black smoke means that your car may be burning excessive gasoline and could cause issues in the engine. You can avoid expensive engine damage by getting in touch with an experienced auto repair expert immediately if you notice increased colored smoke. 

When you notice any of the warning indicators highlighted above, don't delay visiting a car repair professional to have your engine inspected and repaired. The sooner you schedule an appointment, the better. 

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