RV Repair Issues To Look For Before You Start Your Season

If your RV has been winterized and you're ready to open it up for the season, it's important that you take your time with the opening process and look for any indications that you might need RV repair before you take it out to a campsite. Unfortunately, many novice RV owners have no idea what to look for and often find themselves with a leaking or malfunctioning RV out at the campsite. Here's a look at some of the things that you should check before you take your RV out for the first time this year. 

Look For Signs Of Leaks

As you open up your RV, look for any signs of leaking or water penetration. The most common places for this to happen are around windows and doors, skylights, and the edges of slideouts. Check all of these areas and throughout the RV interior for any indications of damage from water penetration, including mold, discoloration, water stains, wet areas, or soft spots. If you see anything like this, you'll want to call an RV repair technician to isolate the source of the leak and seal it.

Check The Floors

In the off-season, sometimes rodents and other pests can cause damage to the subflooring of your RV. While you're opening the RV, walk through every area and along the edges to check the condition of the floors. If you feel any soft, spongy areas on the floor, you'll want an RV repair technician to evaluate it and see if it's subfloor damage, and replace it if so. The subfloor can be reinforced or replaced to improve support and restore stability.

Test The Tank Gauges

The gauge system that assesses the fill level of the grey water, fresh water, and black water tanks is an essential component when you need to know how much water you have on hand or whether or not you need to empty your waste tanks. You should test the gauges to be sure that they are reading correctly. Sometimes, debris can get stuck on a sensor or float and lead to it reading incorrectly. You may need to have tanks flushed or sensors replaced to ensure that your gauges are reading correctly.

These are some of the most important things to think about when it comes to dealing with RV repairs before your camping season. Talk with an RV repair technician today if you've uncovered any of these issues or have any other concerns with your RV.

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