Considering Auto Glass Replacement? Why Choose OEM Windshield Over Aftermarket

If your vehicle's windshield has experienced significant damage and needs to be changed, the next logical step is to seek auto glass replacement. It is tempting to settle on an aftermarket windshield because of its subsidized cost. Besides that, this replacement option is enticing due to its considerably shorter installation period. 

But as tempting as it may be, you should avoid an aftermarket windshield. Instead, invest in an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) windshield. This replacement option comes with numerous benefits, such as the following. 

It Guarantees Your Vehicle's Safety

Your vehicle's windshield plays a crucial role in enhancing your safety on the road. For that reason, it's best to select the original windshield when replacing the old one. Of course, an OEM car glass will match the one originally fitted to your car in terms of thickness and tolerance to impact. As such, it will offer you optimal safety, particularly when the vehicle experiences impact.

It Eliminates the Possibility of Failure After Installation

The primary concern for aftermarket windshields is the possibility of a malfunction after the installation. Of course, this challenge is bound to arise since the windshield isn't a perfect match for the original. Because of that, it may not fit seamlessly into the body frame. You'll likely encounter optical distortion and leaks with such a windshield. Another downside to using an aftermarket car glass is that it doesn't have quality acoustics. This means that the noise from traffic or the wind isn't well filtered out.

It Helps Maintain Your Car's Value

The advantage of using OEM windshields is that they don't compromise your windshield's structural integrity. This helps to maintain the value of your vehicle. Remember that OEM parts aren't just the same as the original in terms of build quality and functionality. Even after replacement, you're assured that the value of your car will remain the same.

It Assures You Better Performance

One of the vital features of the OEM auto glass replacement is that it's sourced directly from your vehicle manufacturer. This means that the specification will exactly match your original glass. The top concern with aftermarket parts is that they may not be a perfect fit, hindering your vehicle's effective operation.

When searching for a windshield replacement option for your vehicle, you'll have to choose between aftermarket and OEM. With the points discussed above, you now understand why OEM is the best choice when it comes to auto glass replacement. Contact an auto glass replacement shop for more information.

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