You Just Bought A Used Car, Now What?

Buying a used car is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of a high-end luxury car without the costs. If you've recently purchased a used car, such as an Audi, you know that these automobiles can be just as enjoyable to drive, even with a few years and some miles under their belts. Unfortunately, high-end cars can also become expensive to maintain with improper care.

Ensuring that your Audi remains reliable means taking the appropriate steps to maintain and repair it. Allowing minor problems to progress into larger ones will ultimately increase your ownership costs, leading to expensive repairs and a vehicle that's less reliable and enjoyable to drive. This guide will help you get off on the right foot with your new car.

Start With a Post-Purchase Inspection

Unless you have a detailed service history, it's always a good idea to start with a post-purchase inspection on any used car you buy. A local auto shop can usually perform one of these inspections relatively quickly and inexpensively. You can expect this service to highlight any severe issues, as well as minor problems that you may need to address eventually.

Although learning all the trouble spots on a vehicle you just purchased may not sound like fun, it's the best way to avoid more expensive repairs in the future. The shop's technicians should be able to advise you on any problems that require immediate attention. Anything else they find, you can add to a list for future service as your time or budget allows.

This inspection will also help you understand the maintenance condition of your vehicle. The technicians can check for tire and brake wear, providing you with a rough estimate on how soon you'll have to replace these items. This information can help you prepare for future maintenance issues so these costs don't blindside you.

"Reset" Your Service Schedule

It's a good idea to perform routine maintenance on any recently purchased used car. Changing your oil, replacing cabin and air filters, and flushing your coolant will effectively "reset" your service schedule. You won't need to worry about when the previous owner performed these tasks, and you can start your ownership journey with a clean slate.

You may also want to adjust some additional routine service tasks with your service shop. These may include diesel fluid, ATF fluid for automatic transmission vehicles, and brake fluid bleeding or replacement. Spending a little money on these items now helps guarantee that maintenance deferred by a previous owner won't affect you in the future.

Enjoy Your Car!

These steps might seem like a lot of work, but they can help ensure that future maintenance problems don't stop you from enjoying your new purchase. An experienced service shop can walk you through these steps, allowing you to resolve any existing issues so you can enjoy a well-maintained and reliable car for many years. Contact a local auto service shop, such as Hillside Imports, to learn more.

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