Keeping Your Car Running Properly With Basic Maintenance

Maintaining your car or truck properly is essential to keep it running properly and dependably so that you can avoid breakdowns on the road. Many of the problems people have can be detected before they fail by a technician performing basic car care for you. 

General Maintenance

Taking your car to a car care center for service is the best way to prevent problems before they occur. Many problems that occur with your car start small and get worse over time, and a technician servicing your car will check it for problems every time it comes in for service. 

Some of the most common issues involve problems with belts, hoses, brakes, tires, and exhaust systems, but problems can start in any system that is not serviced properly. A full inspection of the vehicle is important and should be part of any service visit, but you may need to ask the shop to do the inspection for you when you take the car in.

Lighting Inspections

One area that people often overlook when maintaining their car is the lights. It is easy to see when a headlight stops working, but a brake light or rear marker light stops working, you may not know it because of the location of the car. Having a light inspection performed on your car when you take it into the shop is a good way to ensure that all the lights are working correctly on the car.

If there are lights that are not working, the car care technician can replace the bulbs or correct any issues that are causing the lights to fail. A brake light that is not working can be a safety concern as drivers behind you will not know when you are stopping, so replacing these bulbs, along with turn signal bulbs, is critical and should not be neglected.

Exhaust System Issues

The exhaust system on your vehicle is designed to safely remove the exhaust gases from the engine and out from under your vehicle. The exhaust gas is dangerous or harmful if inhaled, so ensuring that the exhaust is tight and not leaking is essential. 

The technician at the car care service can look over the exhaust system and check it for any leaks or damage that could allow gases to escape and end up in your car. Often water will settle in the base of the muffler and catalytic converter on your car and cause them to rust and leak. Replacing the rusted portions of te the system before they start leaking is important and is not always a hard job if the tech catches the issues early.

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