Selecting The Right Tires For Your Car Or Truck

Choosing the right tires for your car or truck can often be confusing. In most cases, people go to tire dealers or garages that sell tires and ask for their suggestions. However, if you want to know a little more about your vehicle's tires, then read more below. 

Replacing Your Tires

When it is time to consider replacing the tires on your vehicle, you need to start by looking for tires that are the right size for your vehicle. The best place to look for information about the tire size and type that came on your car or truck is the owner's manual that came with the vehicle.

The manufacturer will list the recommended tire size in the manual, as well as the recommended tire pressure and tire rotation for you. If you are not concerned with upgrading the tires and want to replace them, you can use the tire size listed and go to one of many tire dealers to let them know you want a replacement tire in that size. 

Most tire dealers will have some options, even within the size range, but more often than not, the options are related to tire warranty period and tread wear guarantees that you need to consider. Most cars used as daily transportation do not need a specialty tire, and the middle price point tire will suit your needs. 

Alternative Tire Sizes

In some cases, you may want to put a larger tire on your vehicle, and it is essential to know what will fit and what will not. Starting with the wheel size, you need a tire that fits the rim you have or replace the rims. For example, if your car has a fifteen by a seven-inch rim, you need a tire designed to fit that rim, and while there may be many larger tires that use the fifteen-inch rim, the seven-inch width could be an issue. 

Often, as tires get larger, they also get wider, so it is critical that tire dealers check the fitment specifications for any tire you are considering, to make sure it will fit. In some cases, the technician can mount a tire on a wheel that is too narrow, but it will cause the tire to deform, and the tire wear will be reduced significantly. 

Unless you are considering new wheels as well, it is best to stick to tires designed to fit the wheels already on your vehicle. Tire dealers can walk you through all the fitment issues that can occur with alternative tire sizes, so talk with them before selecting a new tire that may or may not work the way you expect.

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