Running On Empty? Why You Shouldn't Run Your Fuel Tank Too Low

Most every car owner has found themselves in a position where their car's fuel gauge is sneaking toward empty and they are trying to stretch it as far as they can. Despite the fact that it's a pretty common occurrence, running your fuel tank that low can actually be damaging to your car. If you have been in the habit of letting your tank run nearly dry before you stop for that next fill-up, here are some problems that you may encounter with your car.

What Can It Do To Your Fuel Pump?

Believe it or not, running your fuel tank too low can be damaging to your fuel pump. The fuel pump draws fuel from the tank and routes it to your car's engine. The fuel that flows through the pump is a crucial part of the cooling system for that pump. 

When you allow the fuel level in your tank to run low, the flow through the pump can be reduced. This reduction can cause the fuel pump to run warmer than it should, which can ultimately lead to premature failure if the pump burns out. 

Fuel pump replacement can be a costly repair, especially if the pump is located inside the tank. That's because an in-tank pump requires that the fuel system be drained and the fuel tank be dropped in order for the pump to be replaced. 

Avoid premature wear and damage to your fuel pump by keeping your fuel tank at a quarter or better.

What Can It Do To Your Fuel Filter?

The fuel filter is responsible for filtering out particles from the fuel before it reaches the pump. This is important because it prevents particles from building up in the pump and damaging it or bypassing through to your engine and causing even further damage.

All fuel has some particles in it. Usually, those particles settle at the bottom of your fuel tank and are only picked up when movement stirs the fuel tank. However, when you let your fuel tank run too low, that can lead to a lot of those settled particles being picked up and drawn through the system.

If the fuel filter gets clogged up with excess particles and debris from the tank, it can inhibit the flow of fuel through the pump. This can lead to pump damage and may even leave you with a car that won't run if the fuel can't flow at all.

For more information, contact an auto service.

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