Signs That Your Exhaust System Needs Auto Repair Services

The exhaust system on your vehicle has several jobs. The exhaust system helps to reduce the noise that comes from your engine as it's running, gets any exhaust fumes out of the way of passengers, increases your fuel efficiency, and is responsible for helping your engine run optimally. If there is a problem with your exhaust system, it may not be obvious right away. You may think that your transmission is causing problems with how your car is accelerating, only to learn that there is a hole in your exhaust system that is making acceleration difficult. If you are experiencing loud noises, smell fumes in your car, or your vehicle won't speed up, it's time bring your car in for auto repair services.

Loud Noises and Your Vehicle

You might not realize how loud your engine actually is, until you have a hole in your muffler. Your vehicle is designed so that the muffler keeps down the noise as your car drives down the street. If there's a hole, you can hear your car coming from quite a distance. Get any new noises checked out at an auto repair shop immediately.

If You Smell Fumes

You should never smell fumes when you are inside your vehicle. Exhaust fumes can get in when there is a hole anywhere within your exhaust system. You might notice a faint smell, and mistake it for a passing car instead. If the smell continues, or it gets stronger, it's likely that you have a hole that needs to be repaired.

When Your Car Won't Accelerate

Problems with acceleration can be due to moisture in your gas, issues with your transmission, or an exhaust system that needs to be repaired. If you are driving your car and can't get it up to speed, the exhaust system could be decreasing the power of your engine. 

Lost Fuel Efficiency

If your exhaust system is really malfunctioning, you may notice that your car uses up gas much faster than normal. Whenever you notice a decrease in the mileage per gallon you are getting out of your car, it's important to seek auto repair services to determine what is going on.

Your exhaust system is more than just the muffler on your car to control noise. It guides exhaust fumes away from your car's interior and helps improve the efficiency of your engine. When you are having mechanical issues with your vehicle, bring your car in for further inspection.

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