4 Auto Body Repair Tips To Restore The Exterior Of Your Classic To Its Factory Condition

You want to get your classic car to the same condition it was when it rolled off the factory floor. This means that it is going to need some repairs to get your car back to its original condition. The following tips will help you renovate the exterior of your car:

1. Inspect the Exterior of Your Car for Damage That Needs to Be Repaired

If you want to ensure your car is correctly repaired, you want to inspect it for all the major and minor damage that needs to be done. It may be easily to locate problems like corrosion and major dents that need to be repaired, but the minor imperfections can be more difficult. To find the minor imperfections that need to be repaired, you can pull the car into the garage and do a close inspection with the aid of good lighting.

2. Mark Up Repairs and Improvements That Need to Be Done

It is also important to markup any damage that is going to need to be repaired. Use a neon crown or paint to highlight areas that need to be repaired and may not be obvious at first glance. In addition, make sure you discuss the repairs that need to be done with the auto body repair shop, as well as any custom features and improvements that you want to add to your classic car.

3. Renovating and Restoring the Exterior Trim and Badges with A New Finish

You may also want to consider restoring the exterior trim, badges, and other finishing features. Remove all the exterior trim to be restored before you have the bodywork and paint done. Talk to the body repair shop about restoring the trim or take it to a specialized service to have the work done before your car is ready.

4. Choices of Matching Original Colors or Giving Your Classic A Custom Paint Job

When you are restoring the bodywork and paint of your car, there are also decisions to make. If you want to use original colors, you will need to get samples that the body shop can use to match the original paint. There are also options for custom paint jobs that you may want to do if your are doing a restoration with custom or modern features, rather than an all original project.

These are tips that are going to help you with repairs and improvements that the exterior of your car is going to need. If you are ready to start working on the exterior finishing touches to your classic restoration, contact an auto body repair service, like AutoSport Collision Repair.

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