4 Misconceptions About Buying An SUV

There are cars, trucks, and vans — and then there are SUVs. In a way, the SUV offers the perfect balance between all other types of vehicles, but there are still people who steer clear of SUVs, largely because they've heard or believe some of these common misconceptions.

Misconception: SUVs are gas-guzzlers.

This misconception came out of the 1990s, when SUVs were a rather new idea and they did, in fact, burn a lot more fuel than your average car. However, car manufacturers have been working really hard to bring up the gas mileage that SUVs get, and most new models now get at least 20 miles per gallon on average. Some mid-size SUVs even get 30 miles per gallon on the highway. Yes, a compact car will go better -- but it will also be smaller.

Misconception: SUVs are tough to drive.

If you're used to driving a small car, you might assume an SUV would be tough to drive because of its larger size. However, these vehicles are built with visibility as an absolute priority. With the wrap-around windows and large mirrors they feature, you'll be able to see around you so clearly that you won't mind that the vehicle is larger. While SUVs are longer and taller than cars, most don't have a much wider wheelbase.

Misconception: SUVs are expensive to maintain.

Do parts cost more because the car is larger and more specialized? Maybe they did 15 or 20 years ago, but not today. If you want to keep repair costs down, buy a domestic SUV from a brand like Chevy. It's easier to get affordable parts for new Chevrolet vehicles and other domestic cars than for those made internationally, which will keep your repair bills down once the vehicle is older.

Misconception: SUVs are only for the outdoorsy type.

If you do a lot of hiking and camping, there is no doubt an SUV will work well for you. However, you won't look out of place driving one even if you spend very little time outdoors in nature. People love how spacious these vehicles are, and how safe they are due to their more rugged design. As such, they've become a popular alternative to minivans -- and you'll look right at home in one, regardless of your lifestyle.

SUVs are more popular than ever, and for good reason. Visit your local car lot, and take a look at the newest models -- you're sure to be surprised. 

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