Transmission Problems? Your Options To Fix Them

When the transmission on your vehicle starts to act up, it can put a bit of fear in you. Depending on what exactly is wrong with it, you could be facing a bill that you cannot afford at the time. There are a number of options to getting everything running smoothly again. Hopefully, you caught the problem in time and it will be a simple fix. If not, here are some options to consider.


If the problem is simple, having it repaired is going to be the least expensive solution. However, you want to be sure that the mechanic doing the repair looks at the whole transmission, even after finding a problem. Sometimes, the problem is easily found, but the cause of it is overlooked. If money is an issue, you can get the problem fixed and start saving money to take care of the bigger issue.


Having a transmission rebuilt is more involved than just having it repaired. The mechanic will take apart the whole thing and then replace any worn or damaged parts. Even parts that are still working, but look as if they will fail in the somewhat near future will be replaced. If you have the money to have this done, it might be your best option. This will keep you from having to have more work done in the near future that will only cost more money. In addition, it will solve the cause of the problem so you do not keep having to have the same thing repaired.


While very similar to rebuilding, remanufacturing is done at the factory level. Your transmission will be removed and sent to the factory to be rebuilt. This will involve more than one mechanic working on it, and there will be numerous tests done to make sure that it is basically as good as a new one. In most instances, you will receive an extended warranty on the work too. Price-wise, it will fall in between a rebuild and a replacement.


If the piece is so damaged and worn that it would be silly to try to continue to use the same one, it is time to replace it. A new transmission will be ordered from the factory and then installed into your vehicle. There will be a full warranty on the new piece and you should not have any trouble for quite some time. Of course, this is going to be the most expensive option.

You need to talk with a knowledgeable transmission repair mechanic to decide which option is going to be the most financially sound one for you. Of course, if things are not going to work out because of cost, you may want to consider trading it in on a different car.

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