Notice These Things When Changing A Tire? It's Time To Visit An Auto Repair Shop

Even if you're not the type of person who regularly takes the time to inspect his or her vehicle for issues, changing your tires from summer tires to winter tires, or vice versa, can provide you with an opportunity to notice some potential problems that need professional attention. Having each tire off and crouching next to your vehicle can reveal certain things that you wouldn't otherwise catch, which is a lesser-known advantage to changing your tires yourself. Here are some things that you might spot, prompting you to schedule a service appointment at your local auto shop.

Loose Wheel Stud

Whether you're having trouble getting one of your wheel nuts off the stud or you're just taking a closer look at the studs when they're bare, you might notice that one of the studs is loose. The studs should be immobile, but when you're able to turn one — even slightly — it's a problem. A loose wheel stud can lead to a loose wheel nut, which is something that you definitely don't want to experience when you're driving at high speeds on the highway. The presence of this issue should prompt you to visit an automotive garage.

Cracked Or Warped Brake Rotors

The removal of your tire during a tire change also allows you to see your brake components, which can help you spot early signs of trouble. While you can use changing your tires as an opportunity to check the health of your brake pads, make sure to take a closer look at your rotors, too. It's not a real concern if they're rusty; this is common on many vehicles, regardless of their age. However, if you can clearly see that the metal is cracked or the rotor appears slightly, warped, you'll want to visit your local auto repair shop.

Loose Fender Panels

Being crouched next to your car while you're changing a set of tires also gives you a chance to inspect the body panels from an angle that you most likely don't frequently use. This isn't an opportunity to look for scratches; you've probably already seen those. Instead, look at the panels in front of the front tires and behind the rear tires. Press on them lightly with your hands. Sometimes, for example if you're bumped a fence while parking, the small plastic pins that hold these panels in place could be broken. If one of the panels feels loose, you'll want to get it reattached.

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