Four Reasons A Professional Windshield Repair Isn't As Expensive As You Might Think

You may wonder if a professional windshield repair is actually worth the price for the tiny amount of damage visible on your windshield. And what about those DIY kits, you wonder; do they do everything they claim for that low price? Why would you choose a professional repair anyway? Fortunately, a professional repair has a lot more to offer than a DIY kit and you can get a lot more value out of it than you might at first think. Here are four reasons the professional repair isn't overpriced.

It comes with a warranty

The warranty offered by the auto glass repair shop will ensure that you have much less liability than if you chose a DIY kit. In fact, it means that if the repair fails, you won't be liable for the expense at all (although some shops don't offer cash back, just a deduction in price for a windshield replacement.)  

It's customizable to your windshield

The equipment in a repair kit may appear to include everything needed for a windshield repair, but it can't hold a candle to all the varieties of repair equipment available in a moderately well-stocked repair shop. The professionals at the repair shop can choose between different thicknesses of resin based on the depth of the chip, the temperature of your windshield, and more. They can also choose a repair technique based on the type of chip visible in your windshield. Star chips and bullseye chips are relatively easy to fix, while a combination type of chip may require a trickier repair job.  

Insurance may even pay for it

If you have comprehensive insurance, you may not have to pay for the windshield repair out-of-pocket at all. Before you make an insurance claim, though, check the details of your policy to make sure it includes windshield damage such as chips and cracks. Of course, even if you do have a favorable policy, it'll only pay for a professional repair; it won't pay you for your time if you choose to do the repair yourself.  

It's less likely to go wrong

Did you know that if a windshield repair goes even a little bit wrong, the damage may be irreparable? A technician can try to drill away the hardened resin and re-fill the gap, but success will be only partial since the resin is designed to be permanent. This means that if an air bubble or a bit of dirt gets stuck in the chip, it may never come out. And if the repair goes a little more wrong, the hot resin can damage the windshield's laminate coating, resulting in structural damage that will result in needing to have the entire windshield replaced. Fortunately, since auto shop technicians have a lot more experience than you probably do, the chances of a successful repair at a repair shop are much higher (and of course there's always that warranty to fall back on).   

These four reasons demonstrate how a professional repair is worth more than you might initially perceive at first glance. If your windshield has more damage than a simple surface scratch, your wisest choice may lie in paying for a repair from an experienced technician. For more information, contact shops like Ball Tire & Automotive. 

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