Investing In Regular DPF Cleaning Is Good For Your Fleet

If you rely on a fleet of diesel-fueled vehicles to carry out important daily business activities, then you know just how important maintaining these fleet vehicles can be. While regular oil changes and tire rotations are prioritized, other maintenance tasks can fall through the cracks. Investing in the regular cleaning of your vehicles' diesel particulate filters (DPFs) could have a dramatic impact on the performance and durability of your fleet.

Here are three reasons you should invest in regular DPF cleaning.

1. DPF cleaning can improve fuel economy.

One of the biggest costs any company with a fleet of vehicles can incur is the fueling of these vehicles on a regular basis. To minimize your fuel costs, it's important that you do everything in your power to improve the fuel economy of each vehicle in your fleet. Giving the DPFs in your fleet vehicles a thorough cleaning can be a simple way to improve fuel economy.

When a vehicle's engine doesn't have to pull fuel through a dirty filter, it doesn't have to work as hard to access the clean gasoline needed for vital mechanical processes. This reduces the workload of the engine, which reduces the amount of fuel required to power the vehicle. Invest in DPF cleaning to help improve your fleet's gas mileage in the future.

2. DPF cleaning can improve performance.

An engine that runs properly is able to allow for optimal performance when it comes to handling and horsepower. The cleanliness and accessibility of the fuel running through a vehicle's engine plays a critical role in determining how well the engine functions on a regular basis.

If you want your fleet vehicles to perform properly, you must invest in regular DPF cleanings. Maintaining the DPF will eliminate obstacles to fuel access, allowing your fleet vehicles to experience improved horsepower and decreased regeneration over their lifespan.

3. DPF cleaning can prevent engine problems.

Engine repairs or replacement can be costly, so keeping the engines in your fleet vehicles running properly should be a top priority if you want to reduce costs. The cleanliness of the DPFs in each fleet vehicle can play a critical role in preventing engine problems.

A clean DPF has the ability to efficiently filter out harmful particles from diesel fuel before it is circulated through a vehicle's engine. These particles could cause irreparable damage if their find their way into the engine, so running a vehicle with a dirty DPF is dangerous. Invest in regular DPF cleaning to keep your fleet's engines running properly.

Regular DPF cleaning should be a priority for any company wanting to improve its fleet's gas mileage, performance, and engine protection in the future.

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