6 Tips To Prepare Your Car For Holiday Traveling

With the holidays nearing, many families are planning to hit the road to see family and friends. Unfortunately, some of those families will have trouble reaching their destinations due to car-related problems. If you and your family are driving over the holidays, here are some tips for preparing your car for the road trip. 

  1. Check your tires. Even if your tires have been changed recently, an inspection is important. Check the tread of the tires and look for signs of bulges or tears. You also need to check the air pressure and fill them according to the manufacturer's recommendations. 

  2. Change the air filter. The air filter is responsible for keeping debris and contaminants out of the engine. The contaminants can affect how efficiently your engine runs. If the filter has not been recently changed, check it and make the change, if necessary. 

  3. Avoid over-packing the car. Too much weight on your car can be bad for it in several ways. It can impact the fuel efficiency and put more strain on the engine. An over-packed car can also make it more difficult to control in hazardous situations. 

  4. Check the car's antifreezeDepending on the area you are traveling to, your car's antifreeze might need to be updated. Certain types of antifreeze respond differently in colder or warmer weather. You also need to be sure to mix the proper amount of water with the antifreeze to continue to keep the radiator and engine cool, but not freezing. 

  5. Clean and check the battery. If you are traveling to or through a colder climate, the cold air can take a toll on your battery. To ensure your battery is up for the trip, clean the terminals with baking soda and water to remove any corrosion present. You also need to ensure the battery is charged. Your local auto parts supplier can possibly test the battery for you. 

  6. Pack an emergency kit. Outside of food and water for your family, you also need emergency car-related supplies ready to go. Your kit can include battery cables, tire gauge, a shovel for digging the car out if it becomes stuck in snow, flashlight, and an ice scraper.  

In addition to these measures, you should also consider having your car inspected by your auto mechanic before you start on your road trip. The better prepared you are for the trip, the less likely you are to have a problem.

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