Do You Know When You Should Change The Transmission Fluid In Your Vehicle?

Is there an odd noise coming from your engine while you're driving your vehicle? Do you notice that your vehicle is driving differently than it used to? This is not a problem you should ignore. Odd noises and a vehicle slipping gears is a sign that you're having problems with the transmission. These problems are preventable as long as you have the right maintenance done to your vehicle, which includes changing the transmission fluid.  Here is how you can tell if the fluid needs changing.

Grinding Sounds

Have you noticed a grinding sound while in your vehicle? This is a unique sound that can be tied to transmission problems. Check your transmission fluid and look at what color the liquid is. Healthy transmission fluid will be a bright red color, not brown or black. When the fluid is not the right color, it needs to be flushed out of the system and replaced.

You can easily check the transmission fluid by using a dipstick. Just dip it into the fluid and wipe it off using a white paper towel. You should easily be able to see the color and tell if it is dirty. You can also use the dipstick to check transmission fluid levels. Verify where the levels should be by reading your owner's manual.

Shifting Problems

Problems with shifting can happen to both automatic and manual transmissions, though it is more noticeable in automatic transmissions. Your vehicle may have issues shifting gears as you accelerate. This will be particularly noticeable when you're trying to accelerate onto the freeway and your vehicle simply doesn't go as fast as it needs to. Changing the fluid can help with this problem, but it could also be a sign that you need transmission repair.

Gear Slipping Problems

Another gear-related problem is when the gear the vehicle is in shifts down on its own. This can happen due to contaminants in the transmission fluid, like metal shavings, that don't allow the transmission fluid to flow properly.

Stalling or Delaying

An automatic transmission should also change gears pretty quickly when it hits the appropriate speed. Pay attention to how fast the shift in gears happens, with big delays being a reason for concern. 

When in doubt, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop similar to Sterling Service Inc and have a mechanic look at it. They can identify if the vehicle just needs fluid replacement or a repair.

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