Four Reasons You Should Take Your Windshield Chips To A Professional

Getting a windshield chip repair is a fairly simple process, and if you've seen the DIY chip repair kits in the store, you may mistakenly think that a DIY repair will be similarly quick and foolproof. In fact, professional repairs have a number of advantages over DIY kits, and although the kits can be a lifesaver in a pinch (especially if you have experience with chip repair), most customers will have better results when they find a few minutes to stop for a professional repair. Here are four reasons to choose this option.

1. You only have one chance to get it right

The resin used in windshield chip repair is designed to be hard and fairly permanent in order to act as a part of the windshield when it's properly applied and cured. This also means that the resin is resilient enough that nobody can completely remove it once you've applied it to your chipped windshield and given it time to dry. It adheres strongly to the glass and doesn't allow do-overs. If something goes wrong during your repair, a professional can try to patch it over but can't go back to the way it was before you applied the resin. In a worst-case scenario, this can result in needing to have the entire windshield replaced.

2. Professional repair is faster and more convenient

Stopping at a chip repair place may take only a few minutes, whereas doing the repair on your own involves a much heftier time investment. If you're not experienced in this type of repair, you may find that the job takes you a couple of hours. And you still have to pay for the materials as well as give up the labor time. When you factor in these costs, a professional repair cost may start to seem more and more reasonable.

3. Insurance may cover a professional repair

Another perk of going to a professional is that your insurance may actually pay for it. Since repairing chips before they become cracks and destroy the windshield is of utmost importance, you may be able to submit an insurance claim for the repair if you have comprehensive insurance coverage. (Make sure you verify this with your insurance company, however; some sneaky coverage plans will pay for all auto glass repairs except the windshield.)

4. Professional repairs are customized to your car

Not only is professional repair faster and more dependable, but it's also tailored to your needs. The kit you pick up in the store may contain a one-size-fits-all type of repair resin, whereas a repair professional will have multiple types to choose from based on, among other things, the shape and depth of the chip.

These four points demonstrate how a professional chip repair is different from a DIY job and why you're likely to have better results from a professional repair. 

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