3 Great Auto AC Maintenance Tips

A faulty car air conditioner can be a sweltering experience, especially if you live in an area that is prone to high heat and humidity. In order to make sure that you are able to stay healthy and comfortable when you drive, you need to stay on top of the preventative maintenance of your vehicle's air conditioner. You can start out with a few of the auto AC maintenance tips below, which will keep you cool, protect your vehicle, and prevent you from dealing with unnecessary air conditioner problems. 

#1: Sanitize Your Air Conditioning System

Since your air conditioner constantly pumps out extreme temperatures, it is exposed to prolonged periods of moisture from time to time. This moisture can fester inside of your air conditioning system and cause mold and bacteria to breed. When this is allowed to happen, that mold and bacteria will be circulated throughout the car when you start the air conditioning system. This can cause serious respiratory issues for driver and passenger, especially for people who suffer from seasonal allergies or conditions such as asthma. In order to free your system of bacteria and mold, you can purchase a sanitizing system to clean deep inside of your car's air conditioner.

#2: Start Your Air Conditioner Frequently

One thing you want to avoid is failing to start your air conditioner on a regular basis. When you fail to regularly run your air conditioner, it will not have enough pressure to start up and will eventually die out on you. For this reason, make sure that you are constantly running your air conditioning system — preferably no less than one time per week. When you run your air conditioning system weekly, make sure that it is in at least 10 minute intervals for best results.

#3: Get Professional Service From An Air Conditioning Contractor

There are some practical steps you can employ to be sure your air conditioner is always in tiptop shape. Call up an auto AC maintenance professional who can periodically clean your air conditioning condenser and swap out the filter. This goes a long way toward making sure that the airflow in your current air conditioner remains unobstructed and able to cool down your entire vehicle. You should also frequently inspect your air conditioner for any leaks.

By following these periodic maintenance tips, your air conditioner will last for a long time and will run at its best. For more information, touch base with an auto air conditioning professional, like one at Modern Auto Air.

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