Is Your Car Riding Shaky? What To Do

If your car isn't riding as smooth as it normally does but you don't think there is anything majorly mechanically wrong, there are a few things you can have done to fix the problem. You want to make sure that the problem isn't a small affordable fix, before you spend a lot of money. If the problem is your alignment or something internally, you'll need an expert mechanic to help.  Here are the different options you want to look into at your local auto mechanic and parts stores.

New Tires

If your tires are uneven or worn, they are going to affect how your car feels when it drives. If they are starting to get bald, they aren't going to absorb bumps in the road or the vibrations from rough surfaces. Purchasing new tires and having them balanced and rotated is a great way to make the car run a lot smoother, and it's going to make your vehicle safer. Fresh tires have good traction to stop and accelerate when needed. If just one or two tires are bad, you may not need to buy four new tires.

Power Steering Fluid

Is it slightly tough to turn the steering wall? If so, and the steering is off, the problem could be that you're low on power steering fluid. You can check this yourself or take the car into the shop to have all the fluids checked. You may want to have the brake fluid and transmission fluid checked at the same time, since these fluids can affect the car's performance as well.

New Brake Pads

If the brake pads are wearing on the car, it can cause the car to shake and alter the feel of the ride. Have the brake pads looked at, and if you haven't had them changed recently you may be due. You may also need new rotors if the brake pads have been worn for a long time, and if the brakes have been grinding together.

These are some easy fixes that may be performed to make the ride of your vehicle a lot smoother. You'll want to talk with the mechanical experts near you, like those at Collier Tire Auto & Truck Repair Center, to see if new tires, fluids, and brakes are going to improve the ride of the car. Improving the ride is going to help you maintain the vehicle and prevent uneven wearing on the tires and brake pads, and help you maintain the car's value.

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