Verifying A Trailer's VIN Without Needing To Tow It To The DMV

Heading in to the DMV is enough of a headache when you are dealing with a standard car or truck, but registering a travel trailer can quickly turn into a full-bore migraine. Not only will you need the usual title, proof of insurance and similar documents, but many states also require VIN verification paperwork to ensure that the vehicle you are registering is really that specific trailer. But towing your trailer into the DMV can be difficult, time-consuming and sometimes impossible. In this scenario, your best bet will likely be to call a licensed trailer verification service to fill out the paperwork on-site. 

Considering the DMV

Typically, the DMV charges fewer fees to carry out a VIN verification than a private company. But the difference in cost can usually be accounted for in the price of gasoline and the time needed to haul the trailer in to the DMV, wait for the inspector and then return the trailer home. For many trailer owners, the convenience of avoiding a long wait in the DMV alone is worth any slight increase in fees.  

Finding a Verification Service

Once you have decided to skip the line at the DMV, look up trailer verification services in your area to get a better idea of your options. Many will travel a reasonable distance for a flat fee and work around your schedule, allowing you to plan the inspection at your convenience. Look for a reputable company with a proven track record to ensure that your paperwork is filled out correctly the first time. 

Preparing For the Verification Process

Before the VIN inspector arrives, make sure the trailer is accessible and the VIN legible. The inspector will match the VIN on the trailer to its documented make and model, checking that it has not been stolen or altered. Once the VIN clears, the inspector should assist you in filling out the necessary verification form to bring with you when you register the vehicle. 

Moving Forward With Your Registration

Most verification processes only take a few minutes and go through without issue. Once your inspection is complete, you simply need to gather the rest of your paperwork and turn them in at the DMV to receive your registration. This should significantly cut down on the amount of time you spend waiting and leave you feeling assured that everything is in order before you arrive. If you have been putting off registering your trailer because you can't bear the thought of dragging it to the DMV, contact your local trailer verification service (like Quick Vin Verifications) to get started on the easier path today. 

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