How To Know When Your Brakes Are Failing

Knowing when your car brakes are failing is very important as not only will this help you take action and improve the performance of your brakes before you potentially deal with roadside or safety issues, but it can allow you to repair your brake system before any further damages arise. Though there aren't any dashboard icons that flash to indicate your brakes are failing, there are many signs to look out for that can inform you of failing brakes. So, next time you take your car out for a spin, be on the look-out for the following:

Extremely Loud Grinding Sounds

If you hear any sort of grinding noises coming from your brake system then this could easily be an indicator that you need to have your brakes replaced. Most brake pads have indicator sticks towards the bottom of the padding and once this level of padding is exposed, this indicator stick comes in contact with your rotors and this is the cause for the grinding noises that you hear. So, if you do hear noises when braking, don't wait any longer to have your brake pads replaced.

Poor Brake Response

Does your brake pedal need to be pushed deep or with much force before your vehicle begins to slow down? If this is the case for your vehicle, it could be likely that your brake fluid is dirty or contains air bubbles. This can cause there to be a lack of brake response when braking your car, so if this is presented in your vehicle, be sure to have a mechanic flush out your brake fluid so that he or she can install fresh, clean brake fluid for your car.

Shaking of Your Vehicle

Rotors are a very important component in your brake system and knowing when your rotors are warped or defected is critical as this can help you obtain rotor repairs or replacements before any other costly or major brake issues occur. A common sign that can inform you of failing rotors is if your vehicle begins to shake when you brake your vehicle. If your rotors are warped then this will make it difficult for your brakes to latch onto them, which can cause your car to shake when you press on your brake pedal.

If any of these signs are present, you can be certain that it is time to take your car to a repair shop so you can obtain brake repair services. This will ensure you obtain repairs in time to prevent further complications and to prevent driving around town with poor quality brakes. So, to avoid putting yourself at risk of driving with low-quality brakes, be sure to take advantage of these signs so you can obtain brake repairs before any complications arise.

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